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Is Cornwall the most beautiful place in Britain?

Newquay on the north coast is another major urban settlement which is known for its beaches and is a popular surfing destination, as is Bude further north, but Newquay is now also becoming important for its aviation-related industries. Camborne is the county’s largest town and more populous than the capital Truro. St Austell is also larger than Truro and was the centre of the china clay industry in Cornwall. Until four new parishes were created for the St Austell area on 1 April 2009 St Austell was the largest settlement in Cornwall. Cornwall had a minor Roman presence, and later the Cornovii tribe formed a subregion of the Brittonic kingdom of Dumnonia.

The stannary parliaments and stannary courts were legislative and legal institutions in Cornwall and in Devon . The stannary courts administered equity for the region’s tin-miners and tin mining interests, and they were also courts of record for the towns dependent on the mines. The separate and powerful government institutions available to the tin miners reflected the enormous importance of the tin industry to the English economy during the Middle Ages. It is unclear when Cornwall was absorbed into England, although the Cornish language continued to be spoken until the 18th century. Cornwall today has a population of 526,300, covering an area of 1,376 square miles (3,563 km²). Culinary differences aren’t the only cultural identifiers marking the Cornish from the English (although don’t forget Cornish pasties, of course).

The most detailed DNA mapping of Britain’s genetic ancestry ever done, released this spring by Oxford University researchers, found that even today there is a clear genetic divide at the Devon-Cornwall border. Now, to get to Tintagel Castle you’ll have to follow the steps down a relatively steep cliff face then cross a narrow bridge to the narrow outcrop where the castle stands. Once here, make sure to take the boats between all the islands and explore some of the smaller and intimate islands that are too stunning to miss. The Minack Theatre is one of the pretty unique things to see in Cornwall… and a spot you won’t wanna miss! Perched on the rugged Cornish cliffs, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean you’d be fooled into thinking you’d arrived in an ancient Roman town.

These sharks are completely harmless and basically toothless, friendly giants. You can go for boat trips to spot them leaving from Penzance, with the best time to spot them between May and September. Growing to be as long as double-decker buses, basking sharks are the second largest fish, after the whale shark. They can weigh as much as seven tonnes and live for up to 50 years, and you guessed it – they can be spotted in the Cornish waters. This theory was made famous with the stories of the Sword in the Stone and the existence and protection of Merlin the magician. I hope that this post has taught you a little more about the wonderful Duchy of Cornwall, with information about its mythology, culture and landscape.

Although there is a Cornish language, very few people speak it, and even the people who do only speak it in social circles. I do have a one week in Cornwall itinerary that heads to the main highlights, but it’s very rushed. A masterpiece in the making, filled with beaches, clifftops, cities and nature. From Chapel Porth, Kennack Sands and Mousehole, take an invigorating stroll across the sands. Bringing live music, surfing and skateboarding to Cornwall’s shores each year, Boardmasters is a summer festival not to be missed.

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