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We anticipate that orders will be dispatched within 2 workings day of the order being placed, with a 2-3 working day delivery time. Orders over 100kg will be dispatched on a pallet on a 3-5 day economy delivery. Contains all essential nutrients and allows availability of these for vigorous plant growth. Climate Compost has been crafted with quality ingredients from both our farm and garden.

Our screened topsoil is blended with black organic compost. A light, friable soil full of nutrients and minerals make this a great blend for in beds, borders, veggie plots, pots and baskets. All of our peat-free bulk compost soil conditioners enhance moisture retention in soil, leading to improved drought resistance. This means that more moisture is available for your plants and vegetables during dry periods, which is critical for them to grow. Our bulk bags of peat-free Eco Fruit & Veg Organic Compost is ideal for cultivating delicious produce at home or in your allotment. It improves soil fertility and raises nutrient levels as it breaks down and releases the goodness needed for better flowering, fruiting and foliage.

Our peat-free compost bulk bags cover approximately 10m2 at 5cm deep. Our products are delivered in convenient 1 cubic metre bulk bags, but can also be delivered loose in certain locations. With the reduction in the utilisation of peats, due to environmental concerns, natural green waste compost has come to the fore in the past 10 years as a natural and sustainable nutrient rich material.

Compost can deliver quality nutrients, as well as improving nutrient retention in soil. Here at Redback, we deliver our products across south east Queensland using our own fleet of trucks. Bulk products, including bricks, blocks and pavers, are either tipped or offloaded using a crane or forklift truck. To make sure we place products in the right location, at the checkout, please specify where on site you would like your delivery. Unfortunately once the products have been lifted or tipped, they cannot be moved. The 12 to 16 week composting cycle ensures controlled release of nutrients to the soil, acting as an organic fertilizer.

If you are looking to improve your soil, we recommend using a depth of 2cm. To mulch your beds, a 5cm depth should be enough to keep them protected through the Autumn/Winter. To work out how much you will need, please use our free volume calculator. Ideally, you want to compost twice a year in Autumn and Spring. Make sure you spread a 2cm layer of compost all over the vegetable patch but be aware of over composting, as this can cause an overload of nutrients, resulting in potential deficiencies in the soil.

So you can get to work on your next garden or landscaping project with ease. Compost is a vital part of a healthy garden, it is an eco-friendly way to inject much needed nutrients back into the ground aiding plant growth and improving soil structure. Quality organic topsoil containing peat-free compost, perfect for all types of landscaping, including laying turf.

This means we undertake to place the goods as close to your property as deemed safe by the driver. For further information regarding our method of delivery, please see our Delivery Policy. When you order turf & topsoil before 9am, Monday to Thursday, delivery can be made the following day, subject to availability at the depot. Mixing our peat free compost with your existing soil will improve soil structure and help your garden thrive.

Ourorganic, peat free, multi-purpose compostis the ideal compost for all your gardening needs. 100% natural, sustainable and free from additives or fertilisers, our multi-purpose compost slowly releases the essential nutrients required to aid plant growth. While peaty composts are usually only recommended for use with certain species of plants, our peat free compost is a great all-rounder, ideal for use around the garden and any outdoor space. Our Cow Compost is a nutrient-dense soil conditioner based on composted cow manure from our own award-winning organic dairy herd. This particular compost is perfect for vigorous root, shoot and bud growth for sprouting roses, organics such as vegetables or fruit andherbaceous borders.

When you buy our bulk compost, you can expect immediate professional results. All of our products are stored undercover, ensuring that they are kept to a high standard and are workable whatever the weather. Our products can be delivered in convenient bulk compost bags being able to fit 750 litres or 1 cubic metre depending on the product. Our green waste derived organic compost is compliant to PAS100 standard and certified for use in organic systems by OF&G, providing the nutrients your soil needs for plants to flourish. Frankton’s organic topsoil is one of our best selling blends for allotment users and no-dig growers everywhere.

Reviews Read what previous customers think of our products and service or let us know your thoughts. It’s easy to do, will fill you with vitamin C and save you money. Use our topsoil & compost calculator to help you work out how much you need for your project.

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