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I had to try one for myself to see just how bad a bass in this price range would be. All reviewers commented on the versatility of the bass sound. As expected, the GP emanated a sound similar to that of a P-Bass. While the GJazz sounded very similar to a Jazz Bass. Like the Precision and Jazz basses, the GP and GJazz both have the ability to produce a versatile range of sounds.

I wasn’t expecting much for $90, but this was nothing like the basses I saw on youtube. The mounting holes for the pickup screws were too far apart, so the assembler put the screws in at an angle. This drove the pickups down into the cavity where they were jammed on the angled screws.

That popular P Bass style makes this a common sonic option. The 34″ bass scale length is also fairly lightweight, making it a good option for players who like to play and stand at the same time. It is also a great weight for the ones who want to go everywhere with their bass guitar, as w -e can say in our Glarry Bass Guitar review. Desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

If you are interested in this bass guitar model, keep reading our Glarry Bass Guitar review for more information below. Well, it’s been a week today that I received my Glarry Burlywood Precision Bass and I have to say that I am a believer. No flaws on the finish and the back of the neck is satin finish like I prefer them to be. The neck is straight as an arrow with no buzzing…quite playable out of the box. Width at nut is 1.67″”, 0.86″” front to back C shape and 1.03″” at 12th fret transition to D shape. As mine had a little backbow on the neck I think a beginner would be reluctant to try and adjust that themselves.

As such, out of the box, I found it difficult to play. The action was quite high and there was some back bow to the neck, choking out the first two frets. My own worry would be that some people might not realise and it could put them off playing. All the reviews that we studied said the bass looked great right out of the box.

The two single-coil pickups provide you with that legendary bright, jazzy sound you are looking for. The control layout is simple and practical; 2 volume knobs and one tone knob, which offer you full control over the sound of the instrument. The 4-string saddle bridge is a classic and simple design that has not only proven to be both stable and durable, but is also easy to adjust and provides great resonance for the strings. Between the simple, elegant look and the jazzy, classic tone, this bass is a great and inexpensive option for both beginners and bass enthusiasts alike. After all the glowing reviews and impressive youtube videos, I decided to give this a try.

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