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Poland’s conversion to Christianity in 966

These flags all follow the same basic design; a white flag with a horizontal stripe whose width is 1/5 of the flag’s width. In the middle, each flag is emblazoned with the national coat of arms superimposed on a golden or yellow anchor whose height is 3/5 of the flag’s width. The middle stripe is broken in the middle and does not touch the anchor or the arms. The type of special service performed by the ship is indicated by the color of the middle stripe.

Moreover, the Act contains errors, omissions and inconsistencies which make the law confusing, open to various interpretations and often not followed in practice. We have manufactured and supplied flags for over 40 years. We design and manufacture all kinds of flags and can finish to any requirement. Eco-friendly flag – This revolutionary fabric is made from recycled plastic items such as PET bottles and industrial polyester waste which has been melted down into chips, then spun into yarn that is knitted to form a material. It has the same durability, strength and versatility of its knitted polyester equivalent but with a much lower environmental impact. We are the first UK supplier to offer an eco-friendly option rather than the standard polyester flags made from virgin plastic.

Meanwhile, the political left wore the blue-white-red cockades of the French Revolution. Polish Legions created in 1797 in French-controlled republics in Italy, used either national cockades of the particular Italian republics in which they served or the French tricolour cockade. In the latter case, the red and blue colours were replaced with crimson and navy blue respectively, hues considered to be traditionally Polish.

This liberty in the use of national colours is a relative novelty. Until 2004, Polish citizens were only allowed to fly the Polish flag on national holidays. The use of both variants was restricted, but only flying the flag with coat of arms was, from 1955 to 1985, punishable by a fine or arrest for up to one year. After 1985, unauthorised use of any national symbol was an infraction. A possible explanation to such harsh measures was the fact that the officially promoted holiday of 1 May was separated by only one day from the pre-war national holiday of Poland, the anniversary of signing of the Constitution of 3 May 1791.

With Poland’s conversion to Christianity in 966, the stanice were probably Christianized by replacing pagan symbols with Christian ones. Traditionally, the national flag is reserved to serve either informative of festive purposes. A single specimen of the flag of Poland on or in front of a public office building indicates its official role. Multiple flags, on the other hand, are normally used to decorate both public and private buildings to mark special occasions, such as national holidays. In practice, however, the restriction is often ignored and the two flags, with and without the coat of arms, are treated as interchangeable.

Handsewn – Giving an extra touch of quality to your flagpole our handsewn flags are meticulously appliqued using 155gsm woven polyester by our team of seamstresses based in the UK. A handsewn flag is an investment so we would recommend adding anti-fray to help prolong the life of your flag. It provides extra protection to the hem to prevent fraying. Our flags of the world are digitally printed onto polyester or our environmentally friendly fabric.

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