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You can start as early as 3 months before your existing mortgage ends. MoneySmart advises you to wait until your application is approved before processing the paperwork in person at the branch and appointing a solicitor. You can get your interest in two ways – either by receiving monthly interest directly or by reducing your home loan/ interest directly. It is important to know that the interest paid on home loan is tax deductible. Therefore, the way you choose to receive the interest will affect your deductions allowance in tax. If the interest rate is low, then HIBOR will remain low, without hitting the interest rate ceiling.

Mortgage Link Account matches your savings interest rate to your mortgage interest rate for up to 50% of your home loan amount, giving you better returns on your savings. Some banks even allow you to link 3 accounts so you can save together with two other family members. It is important to take into account the fluctuation in interest rate before you refinance your mortgage, especially for mortgage borrowers originally on an H Plan.

In order to pass the test, it requires the applicant’s DSR to be less than 60% if he/she doesn’t not have a home loan. Passing a stress test is a prerequisite for applying for refinance. Compared to New Buy Mortgage, applying for a refinance mortgage is less complicated.

The premium can be paid in one go, yearly or in instalment calculated into the mortgage. MoneySmart is an online financial product aggregator, meaning we do not charge any fees to our customers. MoneySmart gets commissions from the bank that you have successfully applied for through us. Mortgage lenders can usually choose between HIBOR plan and prime plan for refinance. Customers must apply by 30 November 2022 and settle by 28 February 2023 for this offer. $3,000 cashback for customers signing up to a new, eligible Suncorp Bank home loan, available for loans for houses and townhouses with an eligible solar power system installed.

The offer is currently only available to homebuyers in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. BankSA is offering $4,000 cashback when you apply to refinance by 31 July 2022 and settle by 31 October 2022. The offer is available on BankSA’s Advantage Package home loans, with a $395 annual fee, and its Basic Home Loans, which have no annual fee. The offer is available for refinances of $200,000 and up, and is available only once per primary applicant within a 12-month period. A 轉按現金回贈 is a type of mortgage product that pays you a cash lump sum when you successfully buy a house or remortgage your current property.

MostBuy to Letlenders will offer a Loan to Value of 75%, meaning that you’ll need a 25% deposit, however some will consider just 20% and a handful a 15% deposit in the right circumstances. Again, this can differ and some lenders will require a larger deposit depending on a number of factors. Lenders that require a deposit may request a maximum Loan to Value of 90-95%, meaning that they will lend 90-95% of the property value if you can pay a 5-10% deposit.

This typically should not be more than 35% of your disposable income, however this may vary according to individual circumstances. Repayment term up to 35 years, depending on the age of borrowers. If you have a tracker mortgage with another mortgage provider, switching your mortgage to EBS means you will lose your existing tracker rate. We recommend you seek independent financial advice before deciding to switch your mortgage. You are drawing down on either a 2 Year Fixed Rate, 3 Year Fixed Rate, or 5 Year Fixed Rate.

Although some lenders might offer cashback, whether you’re eligible to get a mortgage with them is not always certain. For example, Nationwide won’t lend to a self-employed applicant unless they have two years full trading history. Barclays have previously rejected customers for a cashback mortgage if they have severe bad credit such as defaults, bankruptcy IVA’s.

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